Bob Campbell has given plenty of praise to Ata Rangi over the years and admits he might have been partly responsible for the ex-winery price increase of the Pinot Noir — he actually called them a few years ago asking why they were selling it so cheap.

Indeed, their consistently high performance and approachable pricing are very attractive regardless of which Pinot Noir region is most represented in your cellar. We've secured some of the single-vineyard McCrone as well as the flagship Pinot Noir; the McCrone vineyard is only around 3 ha.

The name "Ata Rangi" was chosen from the Maori words for "new beginning" or "dawning sky" and has turned out to be a very suitable name for the Patons' journey: they settled in the southern tip of the North Island in 1980 when Martinborough had only a handful of producers, and have become one of the country's top addresses for Pinot Noir. There is a rumour that they planted a smuggled La Tâche clone.Most notably, along with Felton Road, they were the first producer to be named "Tipuranga Teiteim o Aotearoa" (New Zealand Grand Cru) in 2010.


Why we like it:

• The first producer, alongside Felton Road, to be named a New Zealand Grand Cru (2010).
• Very small production of the single-vineyard McCrone from the 3 ha (approx).
• Approachable now, but made to age.

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