We pretty much only offer the Ricasoli wines on release and that's in no small part because production is so limited: 33,000 bottles of the Brolio, sure, but just 10,000–14,000 bottles this year of each of the other three cuvées. Bettino Ricasoli famously created the recipe that defined Chianti from the 1870s until the Super Tuscans — basically a century — and this family remains one of the most important producers of quality in the appellation now known as Chianti Classico.

Quantities are, as always, very limited.

Of their many cuvées (all of the ones here are 100% Sangiovese with 30% new large oak) the Castello di Brolio is the flagship: a blend of 3 plots (Macigno del Chianti, Scaglia Toscana, and Monte Morello) which they consider the most representative of Brolio's soils. The Ceniprimo, Roncicone, and Colledila are single-cru cuvées: the Ceniprimo stands out for its firmer structure, the Roncicone for its more floral character, and the Colledila for its elegant, citrus-tinged profile.

The Ricasoli family's importance is hard to overstate. This is one of the 4 oldest businesses in the world and the guidelines written by Bettino Ricasoli, second prime minister of the united Italy, stated in an 1872 letter to Professor Cesare Studiati, would influence the Chianti blend for at least a century. Crucially, he saw that Sangiovese should be the main variety, not the then-popular Canaiolo (which was easier to grow).

"These are exciting years at Castello di Brolio and the Barone Ricasoli estate headed by the charming Francesco Ricasoli." — Wine Advocate (2023)


Why we like it:

• The Brolio's 33,000-bottle production looks generous next to the 10,000–14,000 bottles of the rest!
• Bettino Ricasoli wrote the guidelines that would influence Chianti's wines for a century — until the Super Tuscans — crucially seeing that Sangiovese should be the main variety.
• One of the 4 oldest businesses in the world: the Ricasoli family tree goes back to at least the 7th century and the Castello di Brolio has been in the family's ownership since 1141.

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